Hadoop , Docker , AWS Cloud, Ansible and LVM Automation using Python Program

What the World needs ?

The Answer to it is Automation

Here’s my Article on Automation using python . I create Menu program which can automate Hadoop , Docker , LVM , some services of AWS Cloud , Prediction automation using previous Data Set etc. Anyone can use this Menu Program without knowing the actual Linux command to set-up Hadoop cluster or Docker container or automating AWS cloud .

My Main Menu Consists of following:

LVM, Webserver, AWS, Docker, Partitions, Hadoop, Anisible and SSHPass

Main Menu

Further SubMenu are as follows :-


In the LVM SubMenu we have following Option:

  • Format Drive
  • Mount Drive
  • Create Physical Volume
  • Create Volume Group
  • Create Logical Volume
  • Extend Logical Volume Size
  • Reduce Logical Volume Size
  • List Physical Volume
  • List Volume Groups
  • List Logical Volume
LVM Menu

Its Working

List Storage


  • Intalling Httpd Service
  • Starting Service
  • Stopping Service
  • Status of Service
WebServer Menu
Status WebServer

AWS Menu:

  • Create & Delete Key Pair
  • Create & Delete Security Group
  • Adding Ingress rules to existing Security group
  • Launch Instance
  • Created EBS volume
  • Attached EBS volume to Ec2 Instance
  • Configure WebServer
  • Create static partition and mount /var/www/html folder on EBS volume
  • Create S3 bucket accessible to public
  • Insert the object inside s3 bucket which is accessible by everyone
  • Create Cloudfront distribution providing S3 as origin
  • Delete object inside S3 bucket
  • Delete S3 bucket
  • Stop, Start and terminate Ec2 Instance
AWS Menu
AWS Login
AWS Create Instance

Docker Menu:

  • Pull Image from Docker hub
  • Launch Container
  • List Container running and docker Images in OS
  • Inspect docker container
  • Remove docker Images from OS
  • Start and stop docker Container
  • Delete Single or all docker container
  • Configure Webserver inside docker container
Docker Menu
Docker Status

Partition Menu:

  • Create Partition to disk.
  • Format drive.
  • Mount Drive.
  • Unmount Drive.
  • And many more..
Partition Menu
Partition Creation New
Partition Format Drive


  • Run any Linux Command Locally & Remotely
  • Configure WebServer on Local OS , Remote OS and AWS Cloud
  • Configure and start Namenode on Local OS and AWS Cloud
  • Configure and start Datanode on Local OS and AWS Cloud
  • Create Virtual Group
  • Create Logical Volume
  • Contribute Limited Storage to Hadoop Cluster
  • Attach More hard-disks to Virtual group dynamically
  • Increase Partition Size Dynamically
Hadoop Menu
Hadoop Create Master Node

Anisible Menu:

  • Installing Python
  • Make an Inventory
  • Check the Connected Hosts
  • Installing WebServer on all Hosts
  • Starting HTTPD Service on all Hosts
  • Stopping HTTPD Service on all Hosts
Ansible Menu

The goal of this project is to automate different different technologies by using python-script and make it more user-friendly. Python scripts are more user-friendly , so user can easily interact with the technology.

In this automation we have integrated python with different technologies like Hadoop , AWS , Docker , and we can integrate many more technologies….

View Our Full Project on Github:


Team Members:

Arjun Nigam


Himanshu Singh


Mohit Verma





Hybrid Multi CLoud | Amazon EKS | Flutter

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Configuring Hadoop Cluster Using Ansible

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Mohit Verma

Mohit Verma

Hybrid Multi CLoud | Amazon EKS | Flutter

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